Tuesday, July 19, 2011

ADHD and Sex

ADHD inflicted people like to talk about the “up” side of having ADHD. The ability to multi-task, be creative, the ability to see the connections, and say what everyone else was thinking, are some of these traits.

But most ADHDers know we multitask because we can’t do one thing at a time, if we don’t do more then one thing we’ll get bored and abandon the thing we really want done. Our creativity is often a result of not being able to listen to the directions, or read the manual. We learn young to wing it. Seeing all the connections makes us paranoid, we suspect people of motives, and we’re often wrong. It produces a few Inventors maybe but more ADHDers are just anxious, I’m afraid this means that, the conspiracy theorists are all ADHD. The rest of us are just pretty sure no one likes us. And speaking up and saying what others have the sense to keep to themselves seldom furthers our careers.

For some reason I find myself annoyed when people (afflicted or not) try to put a positive spin on ADHD traits. To my ears it’s insincere. If you like me and like certain qualities about me, even if I consider them defects, I don’t mind you telling me so. But it’s not helpful to tell me my big mouth is an asset when I’m in the middle of telling you how it’s destroying my relationships. I’d much rather have you tell me that you’ll pray for me.


You can have a lot of sex and not get pregnant. Of course the stories we all hear are the single act conception stories but generally you can’t pinpoint time and place. Right?
Well, when two people have managed to produce seven children together you can pretty much assume they’ve done it a lot.

My mother told me a story one time about the couple in our Catholic neighborhood who had nine children. The wife, understandably, was tired of having children. Her husband apparently found no correlation between sex and child production. She had told him no sex tonight buddy, but he chased her around and around the table. Was that the night that Judy, or Chris, or Sheila was conceived? It was probably the night before or the next night.

Anyway, sex is pretty important to me. My mother taught me sex was a beautiful thing. She said I should wait until marriage (I agree with her now that I have six daughters) and she told me more about her relationship with my father then any child should know. I’ve been accused of telling too much myself.

ADHD is not good for sex.

Adderal is good for sex.

That’s pretty much all I can say or someone (SM) will be angry with me.

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