Sunday, March 20, 2011


It’s a rare opportunity indeed to write in the moment. My mother is dying. As I sit here she may breathe her last breath. My son is playing his own composition on my father’s piano. My daughter who was dying one year ago is alive, 40 pounds lighter, and now cured, sitting 3 feet from me with her new handsome boyfriend. Zoe, another of my daughters is playing “memory” with her niece and boyfriend and celebrating acceptance into law school. My adopted daughter is planning her wedding. Ana, Sarah and Simone have left for awhile to pick up Will from work so he can join our gathering. My mother is dying.

One day it will be me, the Mother, dying.

I love this amazing family.

In my kitchen now recently arrived, Will, Martha, Sarah, Simone, John and Heidi. My son’s girlfriend Heidi, just announced,ten years his senior, long time friend of the family.

I’ve played Pictionary, maybe three or four times in my life. Tonight I play as Ana’s partner. My scribbles mean something to her.

My mother is dying but Life continues.