Thursday, January 6, 2011

Call of the Blog

I'm out of practice. It's like Dana is a client and has asked me to write up an owner carry contract. I haven't had to do that in years. But just like the call to blog, I did write up an owner carry offer this month (with Mike's help!) And I liked it.

So, yes, Dana I'm game. I'm back in the game.

But what about Facebook? Has Facebook been all bad? No. I like Facebook. But it was an addition not a substitution. I'm still not sure why we all abandoned Myspace.

Myspace is over. I actually think Blogger is a better format than Myspace ever was for blogging. But we're all going to have to practice to make this migration work.


  1. This is not really all me -- after all, it was after I read Britta's status that I finally just made the event and invited a few of us. Also, I've listened to quite a few of my friends (Jeannettee and Josh most specifically) gripe about FB for the past two years. Rob has been the most vocal in his opposition to FB.

    I agree that we will have to be dedicated. I've never been a fan of reading circles, but there does have to be a bit of that to make sure that none of us stop writing (at least for the next few months).

    I like some aspects of Facebook. I enjoy looking at the pictures posted by friends from high school and college. Still, I guess that I did think of FB as a substitute and always found it lacking. I'm keeping my FB. I just won't be hanging out there much at all. I also found that microblogging has damaged my own blogging skills.

  2. thanks for commenting, we're off to an exciting start! I got a comment!!!!

  3. Frani, I like Facebook well enough, but it's lacking in some important areas. The art of the status update/tweet is a challenge in some ways (condensing a thought down to x number of characters), but it's not the same as actually writing something substantial. Like Dana mentioned, it's dulled my blog senses.

  4. There's no "like" button on Blogger. BOOO!!! Dislike!

  5. Hello Frani,

    I'm happy to see an entry here on blogger. This might be the excuse needed to get a blog started here. I miss our circle of bloggers and following their lives through their many paragraphs of thoughts and honesty. Yes, try doing that on a status update.

    I thought by writing notes it would be the same as blogging on MySpace, but it isn't the same.

    And Gus is right, no buttons here. So I'll give you 2 kudos.


  6. 2 Kudos.. very funny, Joseph! :)